and Rigging

  • 30 Ton crane
  • experienced
  • Licsened
  • INsured




  • consulting
  • agitation
  • trnasportation
  • application



  • 25 ton lowboy
  • 45 ton lowboy
  • goosenecks
  • Various trailers

Liquid Management


  • Facility Layouts
  • Land Application Programs
  • Municipality Contract Recommendations


  • Dredge
  • Various Pumps
    • Trash Pumps
    • Lagoon Pumps


  • 3 mile drag hose system
  • Semis and tankers


  • Honeywagon
    • Broadcast
    • Injection
  • Dragline
    • Broadcast
    • Injection

Crane and Rigging


David Dresbach

  • Several Years of Experience


Link Belt

  • 30 Ton

Equipment Transportation

Power Units

  • Numerous Semis
  • Semis with implement hitches
  • Semis with pintle hitches
  • Numerous Pickups

Various Trailers

  • 25 Ton Lowboy
  • 45 Ton Lowboy
  • Goosenecks
  • Various others ranging in size

Liquid Transportation

Semis and Tankers

  • Seeding Digesters
  • Farm to field
  • Transfers between storage areas
  • Transfers between WWTPs
  • Emergency liquid movment

T&L Irrigation Dealership

T&L Irrigation

  • Design
  • Build
  • Maintenance
  • Repair

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Vice President

Megan Dresbach



Eric Dresbach

Vice President

David Dresbach

Our History

W.D. Farms has been hauling manure, bio-solids, water plant lime and other liquid by-products since 1987. Eric Dresbach, the owner, has been recognized for his professionalism, entrepreneur skills, and vision with continued invitations as a speaker throughout the Midwest. He is currently the President of the Midwest Professional Nutrient Applicators Association (manure haulers in Ohio and Indiana). Eric also represents the Ohio Water Environmental Association (OWEA) on the CAFF Board at the Ohio Department of Agriculture. OWEA is the organization for professionals in the wastewater industry.

W.D. Farms equipment is a unique collection using cutting-edge technology that we feel is the best equipment to accomplish the job. W.D. Farms continues to grow, filling the needs of industry, cities, and agricultural operations. We strive to improve and maintain our professionalism, as well as broaden our knowledge and related disciplines by attending as many educational sessions as possible. The Ohio Department of Agriculture requires anyone that handles more than 4,500 dry tons per year, or 25 million gallons of liquid manure, or its equivalent, to have a certified livestock manager license. Most of our highly trained, dedicated, caring employees have received this certification, and are always working on keeping the hours required to keep this license current. W.D. Farms LLC receives calls for thier services from an ever-increasing distance including Ohio, Indiana, and Michigan.

Our Values

Our Mission

W.D. Farms LLC is an organic nutrient by-product recycling company. We take liquids that are by-products of other processes. Then, we land apply them so they can be reused for agronomic benefit. We accomplish this by utilizing cutting edge technology, continuing education and engagement with policy makers.

Our Vision

W.D. Farms LLC utilizes our years of experience to help agriculture recycle to become even greener.

Our Motto


We Change Plans Often

Our Principles

1. We always do what is right, no matter what. ALWAYS assume someone is watching.

2. We believe in good housekeeping at all times.

3. Rigorous testing and record keeping.

4. Work with all government agencies to ensure that all rules and regulations are being followed.

5. We believe in investing in continuing education for ALL employees.

6. Practice best managment practices in accordance with research and regulations.

7. All site supervisors are Certified Livestock Managers by ODA to instate full compliance with all regulations and utmost professional applciation.

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